Monday, February 22, 2010

reverse rice stitch cowl: free pattern

I designed a cowl for myself late last fall. Read my first post about it here. As promised, here's the pattern.

cowl side 1

Reverse Rice Stitch Cowl

Yarn: 1 skein DK weight wool. I used a local alpaca, 150 yards to the skein.
Needle: size 7 16” circular needle
Other materials: stitch marker, yarn needle

Gauge: not terribly important, but approximately 5 stitches per inch in pattern

Finished size: 18” around and 8” high

CO 90 stitches using a stretchy cast on. I used the german twisted cast on method for this cowl, but the long tail cast on method would work too. Here's a video teaching the german twisted cast on:

Join in the round being careful not to twist stitches. Place marker.

Row 1: Knit all stitches
Row 2: *K, Ptbl, repeat around

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until cowl is desired length and end on row 1.

Bind off using a picot bind off that creates a 2 stitch picot. To do this, cast on 2 stitches using the cable cast on method. Bind off 4 stitches. Slip the stitch on the right needle onto your left needle and repeat casting on 2 and binding off four until you've come to the end of the round.

I found these directions in Knitty to be very helpful in illustrating the picot bind off:

Weave in ends and wear!

This is the first pattern I've ever written down. If you find an error, please let me know.

©2010 Pumpkin Pie Baby.

I'm happy to have crafters hand knit finished objects from my patterns to sell. I only ask that you please provide credit to me in your listing as follows:
This cowl is knit according to the Reverse Rice Stitch Cowl pattern designed by Pumpkin Pie Baby. You can find her patterns here:

Please do not sell copies of the pattern or make copies for distribution. Thank you.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

some recent customs

I'm having a great time knitting lately. I've finished 2 customs within the last couple of weeks, and I've even made something for myself.

The first custom is a Juliette skirty knit with Mosaic Moon's "Selah" colorway on Cestari Superfine.

"Selah" Juliette skirty

The second custom is a pair of shorts knit with Southwest Spectrum's "Fall Fiesta" colorway on BFL. I hadn't knit with BFL in a long time...what a treat!

kate's shorts

This final picture is a Baktus scarf that I made for myself as part of Ravelry's Ravelympics. If a knitter completes a project during the Ravelympics, he or she is awarded a medal and named a Ravthlete.

my baktus

I need to be completely honest with myself. This is the closest I will ever come again to being an "athlete." As an aside, the first time I came close to being an athlete was playing softball in middle school. After catching a ball right between the eyes playing right field and striking out multiple times, I ended that career. The second time I cam close to being an athlete was running track in middle school. I finished dead last in every race I ever ran. Maybe once I finished second to last, but probably only once.

Here's one of the medals I received for my scarf. I love Bob the Boston Terrier...reminds me of the little devil of a boston terrier that I grew up with, Trixie. If I were still a child, I'd hang this medal right next to my dancing and bowling trophies. Yes, I have a couple of bowling trophies.


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