Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My newest design - the Radiate Cowl pattern

I thought about this pattern for a long time before actually knitting it.  I really didn't know when I'd get around to knitting it.  But I walked into my local yarn store about a month ago and saw these 2 skeins.

I started knitting and, as I knit, I saw these radiating columns begin to form.  I didn't originally plan to have the columns be different lengths, but as I kept going, I liked how the columns drew your eye around the cowl, almost like spokes on a wheel.  And the word radiate came to mind.  Not only that spokes radiate from the center of a wheel, but that spring was almost here, and light and warmth were on the way.

I love how simple this cowl is.  Take any 2 colors you love and knit this one size cowl for anyone you love.

Each cowl takes only 2 oz. of a main color and 1 oz. of a coordinating color.  My sample is knit with Malabrigo Rios in Midnight in Paris and English Rose. These are my two favorite springtime colors together.

You can buy the Radiate Cowl pattern on Ravelry here:

Welcome spring!


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