Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1 sock down, 1 to go

So over the last ten months I've been working on a pair of socks. Or, I should say, just one sock. I finally finished one this weekend and I'm so excited that it fits. I was really expecting to try it on and have it be too small or way too big.

It's Monkey from Knitty and it was a very easy pattern for me to follow for my first sock. I haven't washed and blocked it yet, because I'm waiting to finish the second one. I'm hoping to get the second sock done by Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Making a Slow Comeback

I just realized that it's been 3 months since my last post. This Fall I decided to take a break from knitting. Between getting ready for the holidays and some changes to our family, and wanting to spend more time with my kids, I took a step back from stocking my store for a while. I didn't stop crafting entirely. I crocheted a star afghan for my beautiful niece Sophia (with Debbie Bliss cashmerino that I found on sale at my LYS for 40% off!). I had wanted to make her a blanket since she was born over a year ago, but all the knitting I did for my store never enabled me to do that.

So in the past three months I've made some things for my family and friends, read more, played more with my kids, taught my youngest to use the potty (saying goodbye to cloth diapers for now), and I had a relatively low stress holiday.

But I do miss knitting and crocheting (and the creativity that comes along with that) and so I'm wanting to get back into stocking woolies and play food at Pumpkin Pie Baby. I've got a custom spot for play food available in my store, and a week from today I'll put up a custom spot or two for shorts, longies, or skirts.

With my third child on the way this spring, I don't anticipate I'll be stocking as much as I used to, but I do hope to reconnect with my customers and connect with new ones and provide beautifully knit woolies for their children.


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