Sunday, July 31, 2011

in anticipation...

I noticed this bird's nest in our lilacs earlier this summer.  I never saw a bird visit it, but I found it fascinating nonetheless.  Today it fell onto our patio.

I hate to think I took a several weeks break from blogging to write about a fallen bird's nest, but it has come to that.  I don't know how anyone with children home full time manages to do anything other than care for them or the flurry of stuff they leave in their wake.  I've had things I've wanted to write about, but no extra time or mental energy to do it.

But my motivation is this:  I have a new pattern coming out tomorrow!  It's named after a bird who finds its home on our beaches here in Maine.  I'm excited and a bit nervous to have the pattern debut tomorrow.

So stay tuned.  And I'll try to have less time go between this blog post and my next.


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