Monday, November 23, 2009

lots of play food!

A long time customer recently purchased a large set of custom play food for her daughter for Christmas. She requested a few items that I hadn't made before--broccoli, a potato, mushrooms, and cherries--and I was eager to give them a try. I really fell in love with the mushrooms, which I find interesting because I don't particularly like mushrooms. But there's something about their round shape that I like.


She also requested a hamburger. My children have a hamburger that I made them a few Christmases ago, and it's really one of their favorite play foods. I think they like assembling the bun, burger, tomato, lettuce and pickles and presenting it on their little play plates.


Here's the whole order. I hope this little girl loves her Christmas gift!

custom play food order

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"goblin" scarf

I love scarves. During the winter I wear one just about every day even inside the house. Something about keeping my neck warm keeps my whole body warm. My daughter has finally found scarf love this year too. I think it's the frosty mornings waiting at the bus stop.

"goblin" scarf

I recently finished knitting a child's scarf. I had three quarters of a skein of "Goblin" left over after finishing a pair of longies. I wanted to experiment with a new stitch pattern, so I cast on for a scarf. What I ended up with was a scarf just over four feet long. The stitch pattern is visually interesting and the colors didn't pool at all. I love hand dyed yarns (Goblin is dyed by Mosaic Moon) and I love when random color patterns result. Because the scarf is knit from Cestari Superfine merino, it's soft and warm.

You can purchase the scarf in my store starting on Thursday here:

Monday, November 16, 2009

latest custom cap

So here in Maine we've been enjoying unseasonably warm weather. Mid-50's to mid-60's in November is such a treat for us. I can almost convince myself that it's still September and not almost Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Speaking of warm weather, here's the latest cotton newsboy cap. It was a custom order. The customer picked out the colorway--sour green apple--and I think it's adorable. I love how the colors pooled...a little but not too much.

This Thursday I'll have another custom spot available for a newsboy cap in my shop. Check it out here:


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