Monday, September 28, 2009

some things for my family

I didn't realize until today that it has been almost 2 months since I've updated my blog. In July, I wrote about the unfinished projects sitting in my project bin. Four out of five of those projects still aren't done! And one I decided to rip out and maybe start over. It's pathetic really.

I have started and finished some projects for my family though. I made both of my girls a newsboy cap in hot pink, like they requested. And they actually wear them which makes me even happier.


I made my daughter a pair of mittens. It's been getting into the 30s and 40s at night, so it's still cold when she leaves for school. She hasn't had a chance to wear them yet because we're all of a sudden going through a warm spell, and I'm not complaining about that. There's still plenty of time for it to get cold.


I am trying to gear up to reopen my store and can hopefully write an update about that soon.


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