Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 day old baby in his longies

About a month ago I made a newborn pair of longies and posted about them here. The baby was born in mid-April and his mother sent me a picture of him wearing the longies, and he's just 3 days old here. What a precious baby!

I had enough of the yarn--"Gaia II" dyed by Mosaic Moon--left over to make a custom pair of shorties for another child. Here are the shorties:

"gaia ii" shorties

Monday, April 13, 2009

perfect little cotton cap

A few weeks ago my daughter saw a crocheted hat online and wanted one for herself. So I bought the Crazy Easy Newsboy Cap for Kiddies Crochet pattern. It took me just one night to make this cap for my niece Sophia. I love this cap on her, and now I plan to make them for all the little girls we know.

newsboy cap front

newsboy cap side

I would have made one for my daughter, who originally asked for the hat, but she's very picky about which color pink I choose for her hat, so we're still looking for the perfect yarn!


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