Friday, January 11, 2008

Spotlighting The Felted Sheep

So I have a problem with yarn. My problem is that I have a very difficult time not buying yarn, even when I know I have more than enough to keep me knitting and crocheting for months. I'd love to try an experiment where I don't buy anything until I've used up every last bit I have, but I wouldn't make it, so I won't try.

I'm bringing up my problem because I've just discovered The Felted Sheep. The Felted Sheep offers felted items, including hand bags, but also handspun and dyed yarns. And these yarns are absolutely gorgeous! This yarn reminds me of a shiny, delicious granny smith apple.

The Felted Sheep is on both Etsy and Hyena Cart. Right now, she's got her handspun yarns listed on her Etsy shop, and if I just had some extra money right now...

Here is some roving she's got available. What I find really interesting is that if you like some roving but don't know how to spin, she'll spin it for you!

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