Saturday, January 12, 2008

$HC auction starts on Tuesday

I've decided to start offering knits at Pumpkin Pie Baby because a lot of people prefer knit to crochet and I personally enjoy both knitting and crocheting. Plus, I like how differently yarns look knitted or crocheted, and I like the option of offering both.

Back in November, I traded with Burgh Baby Gear for 2 skeins of her "Cherry Tart" colorway. I used 1 skein to knit up these capris:

I'm happy with how they came out, but they've got little imperfections that keep me from wanting to offer them at full price. Which brings me to my first ever $HC auction. Starting on Tuesday, I'll be putting these capris up for $HC auction. The winner can use up to 100% $HC. If they don't have a lot of $HC, they can always use $HC to pay part of the winning bid and contribute paypal toward the rest.

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