Wednesday, January 16, 2008

play food

Last week, I traded with Jennifer of Scent-sory Creations. In exchange for 2 16oz. salt and sugar scrubs, I sent her some play food. I tried her salt scrub last night and I loved it! It was very moisturizing, relaxing, and smelled wonderful!

I started making play food in December for my daughters for Christmas. We were very concerned this year about minimizing the number of plastic toys our children received for Christmas. We bought them a wooden storefront for Christmas, as well as a wooden cash restiger (that's how my daughter pronounces it!), and I made them a bunch of food to stock their store with.

So these are some of what I sent Jennifer for her son. My girls love their coffee cups, because they know how much I love coffee and we like to play Dunkin' Donuts! I hope Jennifer's son likes his too. I hope to start carrying these in my store soon.

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  1. I love the foods! They are very well made and my son loves them! They are supposed to be for his birthday in March. Oops!


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