Thursday, January 3, 2008

Spotlighting The Cloth Canoe

As part of a way to highlight other Hyena Cart stores, several of us with blogs will be spotlighting other WAHMs (work at home moms).

Genevieve at The Cloth Canoe offers fitteds and AIOs. Her diapers are turned and topstiched and feature side snaps. She just began offering minkee bamboo velour prefolds this week. She stocked this prefold this week at the Wonderful World congo but, not surprisingly, she's all sold out!

Her Twilight Canoe fitteds are night time fitteds and are all organic. Starting in February, all of her fitteds will contain hidden layers of organic bamboo cotton fleece only. Here's a picture of my favorite fitted from her gallery:

Check out The Cloth Canoe on her Hyena Cart, at the Wonderful World Congo, or on her blog. These are gorgeous diapers...get yourself some when you can!

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