Wednesday, October 26, 2011

yarn along

After finishing up my hat and mitten set for my friend's baby, I was really stuck on what to knit next.  I wasn't feeling inspired by anything.  But Saturday night, while looking through my stash and being irritated by the number of small leftover balls of yarn, I decided to make a scrappy lengthwise linen stitch scarf.  I'm following the directions from this pattern, but I've modified the number of cast on stitches since I'm using worsted weight wools.

So Saturday night I cast on 360 stitches and worked the first row of the pattern.  I got to the last stitch of that row and realized I'd made a mistake somewhere earlier.  Looking through that twisted up, long row, I realized I'd made it almost right away--about 300 stitches ago.  I tinked back one stitch at a time until I realized it could take me an hour or two to get back.  So I ripped the whole thing out and started over.

I did find the first two rows of this pattern challenging, simply because there are so many stitches and I hadn't quite gotten the hang of moving the yarn front and back and I sometimes lost track of where I was. But now that I'm several rows in, the pattern is a breeze and it's fun to see how the colors are coming together from all the scraps.  And the linen stitch makes a wonderful texture.

I'm reading Bossypants by Tina Fey.  It's hysterical.  That's really all I can say about it.

What are you reading and knitting this week?  Thanks for stopping by, and thank you to Ginny at small things for hosting another yarn along.

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