Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yarn Along

This week's Yarn Along feels like an update of last week's.

I'm almost done with the hat and mitten set for my friend whose baby is arriving this morning.  I had lunch with her yesterday and I couldn't get over the fact that today she'd be holding the baby in her arms.  You would think I'd never had children.  But I remember that feeling the night before my third baby was born knowing that tomorrow all of our lives would be different forever.  And the knowledge that you know nothing at all about the little person you're about to bring into the world.  I'm thinking of her today as her family welcomes this beautiful baby who is already loved so much.

Who wants to talk about fingerless mitts when there's a new baby entering the world?  But there they are in the picture anyway.

I did much more reading this week than knitting, thanks in part to a strange virus that left me stuck in bed all day Sunday while it was 85 degrees outside and my family was at the beach.  I enjoyed the sunshine through the sky lights and thankfully whatever it was passed quickly and no one else got it.  I think my husband thought I was just trying to be lazy but when I passed up eating lunch because I was too nauseous, he knew I was serious.

I managed to read the first 300 pages of The Dovekeepers this week. The story follows several women who have fled Jerusalem around 70 C.E. (because the Romans have attacked it) and are now living among a community of refugees in the desert.  Their lives are complicated and engrossing.  I read a good chunk two nights ago between 3am and 5am just hoping I'd fall back to sleep, but the book really kept me engaged.

What are you reading and knitting this week?  Please feel free to leave a comment if you stop by with a link to your own yarn along post.  Thanks!

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