Monday, October 17, 2011

weekend knitting

So technically I knit this on Thursday night.  But that's all the knitting I did this weekend, so it's going to have to count.  This is Malabrigo Rasta, a super bulky single ply merino.  My friend is letting me borrow her size 17 needles (thanks, Liz!).  This is the beginning of a cowl.

My local yarn store is once again carrying Malabrigo, which is both a blessing and a curse.  (I'm going to have to thank Liz again for telling me this.)   It's fantastic to be within a 10 minute drive of Malabrigo, and I was able to check out their Rios superwash 3-ply merino in person.  But I didn't need more yarn.  I have a hard time distinguishing between wants and needs when it comes to some yarns.  I can always rationalize the purchase by telling myself I'll make a gift out of it.  And so that's how I ended up with this gorgeous skein of Rasta.

My other way of rationalizing yarn purchases is that I'll design something with it.  That's how I acquired these two lovely skeins of Rios.  And so my purchase is now a "business expense."  Good thinking.

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