Monday, October 3, 2011

in praise of rain (and earthworms)

I've been working on a new sweater design and had a self-imposed deadline of this weekend by which to have the photos done.  I imagined taking the pictures outside on a beautiful fall day, maybe in an apple orchard.  But it rained all weekend.  And my photographer (thank you, husband) did not want to get his camera wet.

So while he stayed inside our dining room, we asked my oldest daughter to stand outside in the (light) rain under an overhang.  So while it was drizzly, she didn't get wet.  He took the pictures through an open door and she posed for us happily enough.

Until she caught sight of the earthworm on the ground.  My daughters love worms.  Thank goodness.  I do not love insects.  And I don't want them being as squeamish around insects as I am.  So we promised her that as soon as she was done, we would take off the sweater, find her a different shirt, and she could play with the worm.

Which reminds me of last weekend when we found a garter snake in our front yard.  We hauled all three girls outside to see the snake.  They were really interested in it and we followed it until it was right next to our front step near the house.  My husband was preparing to pick it up when it found a tiny hole in our siding and slithered right in.  He went somewhere between our interior and exterior walls.

I didn't walk barefoot in our house for several days and had to keep repeating to myself that he'd rather be outside in the sun than in the dark between our walls.  The girls had a minor freak out about the snake entering the house but then seemed to forget about it.  I haven't.  I also haven't forgotten that my husband left me a pair of work gloves on the counter in case I found the snake inside while he was at work.  He told me--with a straight face--that's what the gloves were for.

So I'm thankful for little girls who love (some) bugs.  They certainly don't love them all.  And I'm thankful I didn't have to use those gloves.  Really thankful.

What are you thankful for?  I'm giving away a copy of my Give Thanks Mitten and Hat patterns here.

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