Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yarn Along (#14)

Please forgive me, this is my second week of not posting a knitting picture!  All I can offer is the yarn I hope to cast on tomorrow.

(I've been knitting a design that will be published by a magazine for Fall 2011.  I can't post pictures of what I'm working on.  I don't dare even post the yarn.  But I'm working hard and my deadline is quick approaching, so I haven't knit anything else these past couple of weeks.  I'm hoping to finish knitting this project tonight, however, because I've got another project I want to start swatching.)

About 2 months ago, my husband took the kids out for the day, leaving me free to do whatever I wanted for 12 hours.  At first I felt a little panicky.  How often does a parent of young children get that amount of time to themselves?  What did I used to do with myself, pre-children?  And would I get bored?

I spent the day driving up and down the seacoast visiting some yarn and antique shops.  I did not get bored and I got in and out of my car several times without having to buckle and unbuckle someone out of a carseat!  And I was a good knitter and bought only yarn for which I had an intended project.  Ok, some people might consider that to be silly, and I did have to fight the urge to buy the most amazing orange Dream in Color, but I did it.

So I'm finally now getting close to being able to use the bulky Cascade Superwash I bought (pictured above).  It's going to be a sweater for my daughter next fall, and I'm hoping to be able to experiment with the construction and design and we'll see what happens.  Hopefully I'll have pictures for you next week.

This week I've been reading Give Me Your Heart by Joyce Carol Oates.  It's a collection of short stories and not for the weak of heart.  I love suspense and mystery and these stories are very good, but I'm going to the library tonight to see if I can find myself something a little more light.

And I finished Cinderella Ate My Daughter, which I wrote about during last week's Yarn Along.  I posted my thoughts about it earlier today, if you care to read that.

What are you knitting and reading this week?  And if you're a sock knitter, have you got a must knit sock pattern that I can try?

Thanks to Ginny at small things for hosting another Yarn Along.


  1. Hard to believe, but I learned just today that there are knitting magazines. Now I hear you are going to be featured in one--that is wonderful. I will make sure I pick it up upon release.
    I love the color of yarn in your picture, but now I am wondering about the Orange Dream in Color. Loving orange this season.

  2. My must have sock pattern is Monkeys - specifically the no-purl variety. I'm finishing up a pair in the next couple of days. Congrats on being published! I can't wait to see!

  3. Tracey, the orange Dream in Color is called Melon Bomb. It was vibrant, but not in a neon sort of way. I'll have to think of a good project for it!

  4. Paige, thanks for the suggestion. I've knit Monkeys before, but not the no-purl one. I love the Monkeys pattern, though!

  5. Oh that is so exciting!! Congratulations! I heard about the Cinderella book. I'll take a peek at your thoughts on that. Congrats again!

  6. Ooh congrats on the publication!! Are you the pattern designer, making the knit for the model, or both?

  7. Thank you, Angela and AC! I'm both the pattern designer and the knitter. I submitted both last week and am feeling very relieved!


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