Monday, April 18, 2011

inspired Monday: yellow

I've had a taste for lemons lately.  It started with a trip to the gym in January.  I was running on the treadmill and the TV was tuned to PBS.  PBS was running an old Julia Child episode and she and a guest were making the most amazing lemon meringue dessert.   (Talk about derailing my desire to eat healthy.)  I searched and searched online and finally found the recipe.  I made it one night and it was really delicious.  Time consuming, but worth it.

I was reading Rhythm of the Home a short while ago and came across these directions for preserving lemons.  I had Meyer lemons, not thick skinned ones, so I followed a different recipe, but I've been enjoying looking at my lemons sitting on the countertop and hoping I can sample them soon.

Which got me thinking about designing with yellow.  One of my favorite children's books is Gossie by Olivier Dunrea.  My youngest daughter especially loves this book.  I dream about designing a sweater coat in a gorgeous yellow wool and finding a pair of red boots to match.

I have no yellow yarn in my stash right now, but Genevieve of Sweet Basil Fibre Works has two beautiful yellows to choose from:

Sweet Basil Fibre Works "Sunshine" on organic merino

Sweet Basil Fibre Works "Meadowlark" on merino/cashmere/nylon

How can you choose a favorite?

And last week, while I was reading other blogs, I came across this beautiful photo by Tracey of the blog Clover.  Take a look through her blog and you'll see she really does take some of the most beautiful photos.

Photo courtesy of Tracey who blogs at Clover
On Mondays I've been writing about what inspires me.  If you've written about something that inspires you, please feel free to leave a comment and link to your blog post.


  1. Yellow is just a happy color...and lemonade gets me in the mood for summer.

  2. I love the color yellow, it's such a happy color. I mixed yellow paint with dry wall mud, spend it on my kitche walls and then rubbed the walls down in a glaze mixed with bees wax. A happy kitchen. I love preserved lemons and need to make some again-thanks for the reminder and the wonderful compliment [blush].

  3. Well, looks like I should proof read. That should say spread it on my kitchen walls.

  4. lovely yellow post, it's my favorite color of the moment too! genevieves wool is gorgeous, i've been lucky to own some. these yellows are very tempting.
    i don't know how to leave a link here, but if you follow my name it will take you to some beautiful yellow we found this weekend. :)
    xo lori

  5. Thanks for the comments. I sometimes think people are afraid of the color yellow, especially in their homes. But a yellow kitchen is perfect.

    Lori Ann, here's a post to your blog: Love your photos!

  6. That is a lot of very gorgeous yellow goodness :)


I love reading your comments. Thank you!


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