Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what I'm working on

It's Wednesday again, and here's what I'm working on...

I made some more progress on the "Goblin" longies I had started last week. I'm learning how nearly impossible it is to knit while caring for a newborn!

goblin longies in progress

And here's the start of Wisp for me.



This pattern is fairly straightforward, but I'm finding it challenging for a few reasons. I started knitting this on straight metal needles. The needles were very slippery and my stitches kept sliding off the needles. I kept dropping stitches and having to count, which I hate. I finally switched to bamboo circulars because that's the only other size 8 needle I have. While the bamboo is an improvement because it grips the yarn better than metal, the cord on the circulars keeps getting in my way. Add to this that I can only work on this after 10pm when I'm exhausted, and I'm finding this a challenging knit, but I'm determined to keep at it. I just love how it's turning out already, so that gives me hope.

Finally, I said last week that I wanted to start on longies for my daughter. I've managed to knit the waistband and I'll be starting on the body soon. Here's the yarn. It's "Flamingos" by ...a time to dye. I hope to have more pictures of the pants next week.


Thanks to Tracey of Cute2Carry for creating What I'm Working On Wednesdays!

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  1. Oh my knittilicious! Love that wisp project of yours! Pleeeeeeease show me when you are done, ok?!!!


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