Monday, July 13, 2009

road to nowhere in particular

My daughters are planners. Every night at dinner time they ask what we're doing tomorrow. This summer my answer has almost always been "I have no idea." Last summer the girls and I lived at the beach and the park. Since the beach is just minutes away, it was easy to go a few times a week. And since the park is within walking distance of our house, we could easily go to the park too. Since having the baby over a month ago, and with the awful weather we had in June and early July, it's been really hard to get out of the house or to have friends over. We've only been to the beach and park once. Needless to say, my older girls get antsy to do something.

So today, with "nothing" to do, we went outside to ride bikes. But to make things more interesting for the girls, I drew a highway on the driveway with chalk. I included pit stops for coffee (Dunkin' Donuts being our favorite), gas, and hopscotch. We also drew houses for our friends and family so that the girls can stop by for a visit. We spent hours outside today and this satisfied the girls' question of "what are we going to do?"!




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