Saturday, July 11, 2009

friday favorites

To encourage myself to blog more, I'm designating Fridays to be a day I write about my favorite things. I'm taking inspiration from Tracey of Cute2Carry with her "What I'm Working On Wednesdays." On Fridays I'll highlight some of my favorite recent purchases, focusing on handmade items available online or local to me in Maine.


I recently purchased a set for my baby girl from Alchemy on Hyena Cart. The set included Alfabette Zoope's signature heartfeet T, as well as recycled wool longies and soft soled shoes from Aliah's Creations. The T-shirt is beautifully dyed and the batiked heartfeet are gorgeous. There is something beautiful and precious about newborn feet, and Lori's design captures those feelings. In addition to the heartfeet, Lori has a number of other original designs that she batiks on T-shirts. You can check out her work here.


The longies and shoes from Aliah's Creations fit my daughter perfectly. Both the longies and shoes are made from a recycled lambswool sweater. The longies feature ribbing at the bottom that can be easily cuffed to shorten the inseam. The shoes are cashmere lined, so my daughter has been wearing them without socks. They stay on her feet and keep her toes warm but not too hot. The shoes are more breathable, in my opinion, than leather soft soled shoes. The shoes feature a precious suede heart on the soles.


You can find both stores at the congo Alchemy on Hyena Cart.


  1. what a wonderful blog entry, thanks so much for sharing and i am so thrilled the set is getting lots of love! dd is adorable!!

  2. Oooh, I love this idea! Great finds, too!!


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