Monday, June 9, 2008


Tomorrow is the big anniversary stocking and this past weekend has been very exciting for me. On Friday, I had 441 people visit my site. And the Woodland Animals set, pictured in a blog post below, was one of the most spotted items on Hyena Cart this week.

I wanted to write about another set that will be stocking tomorrow. It is my favorite of all the sets being offered tomorrow. It's a 3 piece set for turtle lovers! The shorties were knit with Purewool's "Warm Ice" colorway. It worked up so nicely and is a beautiful blend of oranges and blues.

Samantha of My Beautiful Girl made this amazing fitted diaper from Kumquat's "Sea Life" knit fabric. The diaper inner is bamboo terry and the snap in doubler is topped with organic bamboo velour.

turtles shorties and diaper cropped

Carson of Fuzzy Britches appliqued a turtle T-shirt to match the turtles found on the diaper. She did an amazing job with this turtle--he even has stars on his back!

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