Thursday, June 5, 2008


I love lobster. It's my guilty pleasure. I feel so bad for lobsters. Every time we're in the grocery store my daughters want to say hello to the lobsters in the tank. They want to know what they're doing in there, and I'm always tempted to say "Well, they're piled on top of one another in this tiny little space waiting for someone to come along, boil them, and eat them." But I don't want to say that to them. My oldest is still trying to figure out where food comes from. As in, is chicken really chicken? Does it really come from a chicken? And what kind of animal does a strawberry come from?

All that morbidity aside, we've put together the cutest little lobster set. The set includes an embroidered 12 month T-shirt by Rhonda of Closet on Queen Creek and a small pair of knit shorties. The yarn for the shorties is "Prize Fighter" on BFL by ...a time to dye. I really love knitting with BFL. I haven't knit with it for a while, and I really think it's one of my favorite yarns. It's soft and it is on the heavier side of worsted, so it just really makes for a beautiful knit.

Rhonda also embroidered 2 cotton flour sack towels with lobsters and I'm offering them as a free for shipping lottery starting Tuesday. Go enter!

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