Wednesday, May 25, 2011

must read article about knitters and women's history

Seneca Falls holds a special place in my heart.  During a visit there, my then boyfriend, now husband, suggested that we name our daughter, if we ever had one, Seneca.  Seneca Falls, NY, was home to the first Women's Rights Convention in the U.S in 1848.

I came upon this article today by Gerit Quealy, entitled "Forgotten Women:  Knitters and the National Women's Hall of Fame."  The Seneca Knitting Mill, where women worked and operated the knitting machines, will soon be the new home of the National Women's Hall of Fame.

As I was looking for an image to include with this post, I came across this page from the Syracuse Herald, from January 3, 1928. While it's not the most engaging image, I chose it because of the caption they wrote about Lucretia Mott.  Somehow I hope she, a Quaker, would forgive their grammatical error.

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