Monday, November 14, 2011

dans la grande ville

I went to visit a college friend this weekend in Boston, without my husband or children.  It was a wonderful way to catch up with her.  I did miss my family.  But I also really enjoyed my pumpkin martini, mussels, and a goat cheese, apple, pecan, and cranberry salad for lunch.  I dare say it wouldn't have tasted nearly as good if I'd spent the entire meal asking the girls to stay seated, and please eat their food, and please talk in inside voices.

(This is the only picture I took in the city this weekend.  I sent it to my kids so that they didn't think I'd forgotten about them.  Their grandparents took them last year to see the Make Way for Ducklings statues, so I thought they'd find it interesting that I was there too.  Their response, "So?")

While browsing in Beacon Hill, before I sent them the picture--I was still feeling charitable--I found this French Bingo game for them.   I grew up learning some French from my grandparents who spoke it, mostly, when they had something private to say to each other.  And my mother spoke French too.  And my kids are fascinated by languages.

As we played yesterday, lots of words immediately came back to me.  I don't, however, ever remembering that "le pullover" means sweater.  I think that one would be difficult to forget.  But there it is.  The easiest word on the board.  And now I feel I've addressed something knitting related too, so this post doesn't seem too out of place.

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

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