Sunday, June 12, 2011

weekending 6.12

A few of the blogs I follow post along with Amanda at the habit of being about their weekends.  Since this last week had lots of milestones for us, I thought it felt like a good time to join in.

celebrated our daughter's second birthday with a big family party.  all of my worries about it being too hot and sunny for everyone in the back yard faded when we were faced with rain and 50 degree temps.  that will teach me to worry.

enjoyed watching 8 cousins under the age of 7 play together.  it got noisy and chaotic at times, but they loved it.

felt like a kid again when my husband rented a sno cone maker and we enjoyed blue raspberry sno cones.  remember we were worried about how hot it might be for the party?  we just ate them inside on the sun porch.

ate a rare dinner of steamed clams and root beer with my daughters for "ladies night."  we do this every time their dad has to work or is away for dinner.

started a hat for "hats for japan."  ripped out the neck of the sweater I was working on and will give it another try again soon.

teared up over my daughter's last day of preschool.  felt proud reading the notes her preschool teachers left her in her journal.  it's always a wonderful feeling to know that an adult outside of our family finds something to love about our child.

If you stop by to read this, feel free to leave a comment and a link to your post about your weekend.  Thanks!

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