Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yarn Along (#9)

My reading has fallen by the wayside lately in favor of knitting.  But I'm not really knitting all the time.  Let's be honest, I've been playing way too much Fruit Ninja on our iPad.  Talk about addicting.  Who would think that slicing fruit with your finger on a screen would be so satisfying?


This week I'm reading Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard and I'm knitting the Confection Baby Shrug by Tanya Wagner.  I skimmed the entire Custom Knits this weekend and found lots of beautiful sweater patterns and helpful information about customizing them.  (I've wanted to knit Ingenue for a while, and I fell in love with Tang while reading this weekend.)  I think this book is one I will return to a lot.

After spending a couple of weeks knitting the cabled sweater for my daughter and the hats for my new Lucia Hat pattern, it's so nice to follow someone else's pattern and not have to proof it as I go.  The Confection Baby Shrug is a quick and easy knit and I think it will go perfectly with my daughter's Easter dress.  In 2 nights I managed to knit the body of the shrug and now just have the two arms left.


I'm using Knitpicks organic cotton and my stitch gauge is right on, but my row gauge is too big.  I'm just hoping that it shrinks up lengthwise a bit once I wash it.  I've read that it will, but I was too lazy to make a gauge swatch for myself.  So I'm crossing my fingers.

Thanks to Ginny at small things for hosting another Yarn Along.  I'd love to see what you're reading and knitting.


  1. Dropping in as part of Yarn Along to say "hi".

  2. Oh my goodness! The shrug is soooo cute and it goes perfectly with the outfit :)

  3. Thank you! I found the dress at Hannah Anderson last week for $10. I love a deal. There's just a tiny bit of blue in the dress and I was hoping the shrug would draw that out.

  4. Oh I love the color of the yarn you are using. $10 for the dress? Fantastic.

  5. your shrug is Adorable!! and it looks nice with the dress:) i love custom knits! i just leant my copy to a friend, and already i want it back:) it has so many cute patterns in it, but also a great amount of information!

  6. Thanks for visiting :) I only just started the "Blogging for Bliss" and some of the info I already know. Some is new to me. I bought it for some different ideas and the pretty pictures(and blogs!).

  7. What a gorgeous little shrug. The colour is lovely too. Jacinta

  8. I have been considering this sweater for months. You have given me the courage to give it a go... thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks again for the compliments, everyone!

  10. Custom Knits sounds interesting. Little shrugs on little girls are so sweet! Yours is turning out terrifically!

  11. I've been looking for a shrug pattern! This one looks great. I like the look of the cotton!


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