Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yarn Along (#8)

Last week while at the library, I spotted a book on the shelf that looked familiar from someone's Yarn Along post last week. I borrowed the book and realized when I got home that Ginny (who hosts these Yarn Alongs) had been reading it with her children. My oldest child loves this book. She wakes up in the morning and the first thing she wants to do is read it. We're staying up late too, just to read more.

P1000431 copy

This week I'm knitting a sample for my Lucia Hat pattern. I'm making this one for my daughters and I'm knitting with Becoming Art's "Neverland" colorway. I'm enjoying knitting with this yarn because of the beautiful shifts in color that happen every few stitches or so.


I've made good progress on the sweater I was knitting last week but took a few days off to finish this hat. I've only got 1 1/2 sleeves left to go, and now that I'm done cabling, those are knitting up quickly.

What are you knitting and reading?


  1. I have got to learn how to do cables. Your knitting is beautiful.

  2. That book looks wonderful & your hat is beautiful! Neverland is one of my favorite colourways.

  3. Thanks, Gen! Neverland is one of my favorites too.

  4. I will have to look up this yarn. The colorway is spectacular. Your hat is looking pretty nifty!

  5. I love the colourway! Brilliant colour makes me smile on these cold rainy almost spring days!


I love reading your comments. Thank you!


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