Friday, March 21, 2008

Two finished gifts

One of my husband's closest friends is having a baby next month and we're both invited to the baby shower. I made this sweater and hat for the baby to wear next winter. I used Beemer Knits' Bananafish colorway on BFL.

And about a year ago, my sister mentioned to me that she wanted some kind of ear warmer. I made this one for her from the Calorimetry pattern on Knitty and, while I finished knitting a year ago, I just yesterday sewed on the button. It's almost April, so I don't know how much wear she'll get out of it this year, but it's going to be 32 degrees on Easter so maybe she can wear it then.

And just a note about the wool I used for this. I bought this yarn at City Knitting in Grand Rapids, MI, and it was dyed by Yarn Hollow. It's a wool/mohair blend. Typically I don't like mohair, but this is very nice and not scratchy at all.

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