Sunday, April 29, 2012


I'm happy to say that my newest design, Sugar, is included in the latest edition of Petite Purls.

I loved knitting this sweater.  From the open, lacy look, to the yarn, it all came together easily.  

The yoked cardigan features an i-cord cast on and bind off.  I have to admit I was hesitant about including both of these techniques in the design.  I tried an i-cord bind off unsuccessfully two years ago when I was knitting a blanket for my youngest niece.  I gave up after a few tries and just crocheted a neat little edge around the whole thing.

But a more recent try at knitting Paper Dolls by Kate Davies encouraged me to give the i-cord cast on a try.  And it was such a success that I figured it was worth trying the i-cord bind off again.  And this time the technique just made much more sense to me.

Some knitters say that you should let the yarn speak to you and tell you what it wants to be.  As I've followed this advice more recently, I've abandoned more projects than I care to admit because the yarn just isn't the right fit for the pattern I'm working on.  But I think the same thing can be true about techniques.  Sometimes you just have to wait for the right project and what was difficult before is easy now.  It's all about patience I suppose.

I hope you enjoy knitting Sugar as much as I loved designing it!


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