Thursday, December 8, 2011

my newest favorite craft

I have always loved making paper snowflakes.  They're fairly easy to make and they're simple little decorations for the windows.  But mine have always left a little something to be desired.

Last week, I saw this tutorial by Michele of Michele Made Me.  In it, she describes how she folds the paper for her snowflakes.  I've just always folded the paper in quarters and then folded the quarter into a triangle.  But she folds hers differently and that makes all the difference!

It's really the simplest craft.  All you need are scissors, paper, and a free minute or two. I love that Michele makes them with recycled materials.  I've been using catalog pages from the many pounds of catalogs we've received so far this holiday season while my children have used brightly colored origami papers.  Either way, it feels like a new twist on an old craft.

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