Saturday, February 12, 2011

can I sell finished objects made from a Pumpkin Pie Baby pattern?

The issues of copyright and licensing are often thorny and sometimes even contentious when it comes to knitting patterns. The issue of whether crafters can knit and sell items made from a pattern not of their own design is especially confusing. I've been giving this particular issue some thought recently, and this is what I've decided.

I'm happy to have crafters hand knit finished objects from my patterns to sell, make for charity, or trade. I only ask that you please provide credit to me in your listing by including the pattern name, that it was designed by Pumpkin Pie Baby, and a link to my blog. Thank you!

This pertains only to patterns that I sell directly through my Ravelry store or Hyena Cart store. This does not pertain to my patterns that are published by others.

(Let me add that I don't know for certain what is legally permitted regarding sale of finished items from a knitting pattern--some say it's legally permitted while others say no--but this is where I stand on my patterns only. I respect that some other designers offer licensing for their patterns and my decision is not a commentary on any of their business decisions. I think many knitters agree, however, that it is common courtesy to give credit where credit is due.)

The issue of copyright as it pertains to the actual written instructions is less confusing and there is more agreement about what it means. I ask that you not copy a pattern you have purchased from me for free (to give to others to use) or to sell to others. Copies for your own personal use are fine. I also ask that you not copy my written instructions and distribute them under your own name as your own design.

When I first started knitting and selling hand knits online, I benefited from designers who said it was OK to knit and sell items made from their patterns. Being able to knit and sell items for sale helped me grow as a knitter to the point that I was finally able to design and write patterns of my own. For me, I feel it's only fair that I pass that on.

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