Friday, December 28, 2007

A visit to a yarn store

I very rarely get to visit a yarn store by myself. I almost always have 1 (and usually 2) children with me. My most recent visits to yarn stores have been disasters now that my youngest is walking, talking, and yanking things off shelves. We visited a store last month only to have my daughter knock over their coffee accessories shelf (cups, stirrers, etc) and pull down just about every button they had on display. It was my fault. I should have put her in a stroller but I was lazy. I'm now very nervous about returning there.

So I ventured to a different yarn shop today, The Yarn Sellar, nervously hoping I'd have a more successful trip. And by more successful I mean that my daughter wouldn't tear the store apart or start screaming. So I brought a stroller this time and a box of animals crackers. And it worked! I had to move fast but I got my shopping done. And the two times I've visited this store, the women who work there have been friendly, helpful and, most importantly, not put off by my children. In fact, the women have made my children and me feel welcome. And today Keane was on the CD player, so the trip was that much more enjoyable.

One more thing: the store had a beautiful hat and pair of booties on display. When I asked about the pattern, the woman gave me these links: "suede" booties and "suede" baby hat. Now I just need someone I know to have another baby!

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